Personalised and expert service by 100 professionals.

We want to offer the best industrial surface treatments in Finland for companies of all sizes. This goal is based on experience and our customer pledge: service security, quality, cost effectiveness and partnership.

Our customer pledge is based on:

• A professional and motivated personnel
• The continuing passion to develop services and operations
• A comprehensive product portfolio
• Geographical coverage
• The ISO 9001 and ISO 14001 quality and environmental standards
• We will choose the right surface treatment method

In practice all materials can be painted or treated, as long as the right method is chosen. The amount of treated objects also affects the choice of method.

Clear cost savings and significant technical benefits are often obtained by choosing wet painting instead of powder painting – or vice versa. In addition to painting and surface treatments we also offer other related services, such as logistics, product research and development, training and product documentation.


A successful end result is based on a correctly chosen and implemented pre-treatment. Our available pre-treatments include sand/aluminum oxide/steel grit blasting and/or alkaline washing plus a Bonderite treatment, depending on the objects, customer demands and painting instructions. We also carry out various fire protection paint jobs or surface treatments for the item’s wear class, according to the requirements of different standards and quality requirements.


We treat different materials on both our automatic lines and manually. The treated material can be anything – plastics, metals and wood etc. will all receive a functional, high-quality surface by us. Our modern equipment and large capacity always ensure the best result for your surface treatment needs.


Powder painting is a quick, durable and environmentally friendly way to treat the surface of metal products. Powder paints don’t contain any volatile organic compounds and can be used to create a tough and resistant painted surface which offers protection from both mechanical and chemical stress. Durability is achieved as soon as the piece has cooled down. Because the electrically charged powder paint is easily distributed to even the smallest crannies and corners, it is a good choice for the surface treatment of complex pieces. There are different types of powder paints available for different purposes and needs.


Wet paints have excellent corrosion protection properties, good weather durability and mechanical and chemical resistances. Wet painting is a good way to treat the surface of a piece that cannot be treated by other types of paint due to its material or components. For example, the heat resistance or size and weight class of a piece may prevent the application of a powder coating. Wet painting can also be chosen due to special properties required by the selected colour or special paint properties.


Special treatments include for example various nano-coatings and ceramic treatments and chemical metals.


We want to add properties to our customers’ products. For example, special coatings can be used to improve the gliding properties of boats, decrease bacterial contamination or improve UV and wear resistances.


We will help our customers to manage and improve their production processes and offer them operational and consultation services during their painting projects. We create different painting and coating systems even for demanding environments.


We want to improve procedures and processes by bold outside the box thinking. Our goal is to help our customers gain a competitive edge. We have often analysed entire production chains and found ways to improve quality and cost effectiveness. Our expert services also include various tests and inspections, such as Frosio certifications.


Storage and delivery services refer for example to the customer placing an offer with us that is delivered straight to the production line: we will take care of the rest. The service can be expanded to the entire procurement and supply chain as a turnkey service.

Innovative and cost effective solutions for surface treatment.

Lainisalo is always developing and creating new surface treatment methods. We want to add properties to our customers’ products, such as improve the gliding properties of boats, decrease contamination by bacteria or improve wear resistance. Coats may also be used to impact energy consumption.Various additives and binder solutions can also be used to create functional properties. These include for example self-cleaning, moisture absorbing, gas absorbing, indoor air cleaning, bacterial contamination decreasing, electricity conducting or friction increasing properties.


  • • Saline mist tests
  • • Tensile strength tests
  • • Weathering tests
  • • Wear resistance tests
  • • Process measurements
  • • In-house Frosio-inspectors

We have our own laboratory, which enables various analyses and painting standard checks in addition to product development.


We create, develop and refine surface treatment systems for different materials and use environments. Our systems are tested in our own laboratory, which ensures that they actually work.


We also produce painting instructions: how to realise various coatings in practice.

We will take care of your project, including silk screen printing, assembly services and logistics.

We can reliably take over the entire supply chain: purchases, all procurements, storage, assembly of treated products.


Items can be delivered for instance as packaged sets and treated, straight to the customer’s line when needed. Ask us about it – supply chain management can be implemented at several scales.


We will also take care of item printing: we will see to it that your products come with tracking markings.


We would be happy to tell you how we have solved problems relating to materials, methods and processes. We will inform you about how to apply our solutions to the business operations of your company.