We transferred the responsibility for the surface treatment of Buster boats to Lainisalo Oy.

Buster wanted to focus on brand development and aluminum treatments. The surface treatment responsibilities of their own surface treatment facility were handed over to Lainisalo in 2009, together with about 30 employees. Since then, Lainisalo has taken care of the surface treatment of all Buster boats and introduced new ways of doing the treatment. They now treat approximately 2000 boats annually.
''By the outsourcing, we obtained a partner with a high level of expertise and an innovative vision that is helping us develop the leading Nordic brand into an even more competitive and desirable one.'' Juha Lehtola, CEO / Inhan Tehtaat Oy


Works of art are always unique, and good art gives birth to emotions and new ideas, requiring a desire for perfection from its technical realisation as well.

Lainisalo has been the surface treater of the works by artist Pekka Jylhä for many years. We have done surface treatments both on-site and at production lines, both for individual works and larger series. Lainisalo has been selected as the preferred partner by Jylhä, because they are exceptionally involved in the attempt to ensure a successful and desired end result for each piece.
''In this quest, Lainisalo Oy has been a great help for many years... and will be for many years to come.'' Pekka Jylhä, sculptor


In 2006 we chose Lainisalo Oy as the surface treatment partner for our Hämeenlinna unit. Lainisalo has been responsible for the painting of our products and for the transfers of painting technology to target countries.

Patria outsourced the operations of the Hämeenlinna paint shop to Lainisalo as early as 2006. Lainisalo bought the shop and the personnel, acquiring the entire business. By this transaction, the Patria Hämeenlinna paint shop developed into a unit that could service other businesses in the area to a more general extent. At the same time, costs were brought down and the level of expertise increased.
''We have been satisfied with our cooperation. Our partnership has enabled Patria to focus on the development of vehicle technologies and on the assembly of vehicle systems.'' Patria


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